Mother "Twice As Strong"

An easy and exciting way for your church family to love on moms here at home and in Haiti for Mother's Day 2022 by buying eggs to support a Haitian mama farmer to feed kids in Haiti.

How it works!

  • Receive free marketing materials to share with your church (graphics, videos, and more)
  • Provide your members with the option of supporting a Haitian mom by buying eggs from them in honor of their mom, wife, grandmother, etc. 
  • Give big or small! We have a donor willing to match what is raised so it will really be, "Twice As Strong".
  • Receive an impact story to share with your church after Mother's Day.

“Twice As Strong” is a great event for Mother’s Day.  We encouraged our people to get their phones out during service and donate in honor of a mom.  The fact that funds were matched and that they were helping single moms was a huge bonus!  Even if they could only give $5 - they knew they were making an impact!  Tons of engagement.  Highly Recommend!”  - Jerry Harris, The Crossing

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