Start a Hatching Hope Campaign


Is your organization ready to raise money for Haiti? We make it easy to help feed children, support farmers, and spread hope.

1 Pick Your Dates

Run a Hatching Hope campaign at your own pace, but two to four weeks is ideal! While you are picking your date, consider scheduling a trip to Haiti.

2 Set a Goal

How many kids can you feed? How many coops can you build? We find that people are more engaged if they have a goal or goals they are trying to reach.

3 Discover our Tools

Look at our videos, posters, handouts, social media graphics, and more! Download everything you need to engage your flock and help you meet your goals.

4 Spread The Hope 

From dinners to kids collecting money in egg cartons, we've seen all kinds of ways that organizations are feeding kids, helping farmers, and spreading hope. Feel free to get creative, but we're always here to brainstorm or answer any questions, too.

5 Celebrate

Once you have finished your campaign, we'll help you report to your organization how many kids you have fed and how you have helped farmers. We'll also plan ways to keep you engaged with the work you have done in Haiti.

Thank you for supporting Haiti through the KORE Foundation.

Check out our Campaign Resources

Ready to Hatch Hope?

Complete the form below and we'll be in touch to share a little more. We're here to show you that it's never been easier for your church to shine God's love around the world. Hope changes everything. 

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