Plan an Impact Trip to Haiti

Visiting Haiti is an opportunity to experience God’s work in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people on earth. We believe that by encountering God in this way, your life will forever be impacted.

Why Take an Impact Trip?

  • Discover how sustainable solutions fight poverty.
  • See how KORE is meeting immediate needs and empowering future generations.
  • Partner with us to offer hope and be transformed by your daily experiences.

What Do Impact Trips Include?

  • Meet KORE farmers and hear how owning a business has impacted their lives.
  • Share God’s love with kids in KORE’s feeding program.
  • Experience Haiti by shopping with local artisans, dining at nearby cafes and visiting the beach.
  • Participate in nightly devotions with your team while relaxing at the guesthouse in Mirebalais, Haiti.