KORE's History

The KORE Foundation was founded by Dennis and Brenda Bratton, after his retirement following 33 years as senior pastor of Christ Church in Jacksonville, FL. As he approached retirement, Dennis was given a copy of The Poor Will Be Glad, prompting him to pursue a new type of ministry that would provide sustainable solutions to extreme poverty for the people of Haiti utilizing a "business as ministry" model. KORE's approach is to create business opportunities in agricultural development to promote food security, educational opportunity, economic development and community health in Haiti. 

In 2010, KORE Foundation partnered with Fish Ministries and Christianville Foundation to start building Smallholder Poultry Enterprises (SHPE) in Haiti. The SHPE program continues to expand into new areas of Haiti with each month that passes. In addition to SHPE, KORE is also passionate about adding animal protein to the diets of as many orphans and school children as possible through the 6.25 Project.

KORE relentlessly pursues new opportunities that create life change for the people of Haiti.  Our goal will always be to go Beyond Relief focusing on treating the underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.  Drawing upon the best thinking in business, education, and non-profit worlds, we have been able to develop strategies that maximize impact.