Child Trafficking in Haiti


KORE Foundation began its mission with the sole objective of PROVIDING SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS TO EXTREME POVERTY IN HAITI.  It is a simple and straightforward statement, easily understood, clear and concise. 

But, it isn't

Almost certainly, no one reading this is living in EXTREME poverty, and unless you have been to Haiti, chances are pretty good that you haven't even seen it.

Haiti is a nation of around 11,000,000 people, where over 60% of the population survives on less than $2.00 a day.  These economic conditions are the catalyst for child slavery and trafficking.  Imagine you are a single parent with 4 kids, making $2.00 a day... 

Who do you feed? 

Who goes to school?

Who do you send to an orphanage?

Who do you sell?  

Haiti is home to the "Restavek" system. Restavek is a Creole word, which translates to, “stay with.”  When a parent can no longer afford to keep their own child, they are sold to another family as a child slave.  As of 2012 there were an estimated 390,000 child slaves in Haiti.  No one knows what the actual number is today, but it continues to grow. 

According to the CDC, 40% of restavek girls are victims of sexual violence, and 77% are victims of physical violence.  The numbers for boys are equally alarming. 

EXTREME POVERTY is ugly and complex.  You see, it is much more than hungry bellies and sad faces.  Extreme poverty forces real moms and dads to make decisions that you or I cannot imagine. No parent should have to make the  choice to give up their child.  KORE Foundation provides the opportunities and resources so that they never have to. 

When you support KORE Foundation, you are actively participating in preventing child trafficking in Haiti.

You are employing farmers, you are sending their kids to school.  You are feeding over 8000 kids an egg a day.  You are telling those kids about the hope of Jesus. 


Kore Foundation STILL seeks to PROVIDE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS TO EXTREME POVERTY IN HAITI, no matter how ugly and complex.


to join us in that fight.