Hope for the Elderly : The Story


“Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.”

Psalm 71:9


In August of 2019, a grim observation was made by our Haitian KORE team.  Marie Flore, a staff member of Summits Education (located on KORE’s Campus and partner in ministry) led our team to visit a community outside of Bernaco, Haiti.  The team followed Marie to a field, outside the city limits, where they saw some of the most desperate conditions they’d ever seen.  A small community of elderly people trying to survive on their own with nobody to care for their livelihood.  These elders were so frail, just skin and bones.  With houses of sticks and leaves, they regularly sleep on piles of rags and go to bed hungry.  One woman was boiling sticks to attempt to gather some bit of nutrients to provide for her community.  Every morning, the elders get up to forage for food.  The circumstances are horrible and there has been nobody to support them until now. 


Our staff returned from this trip with a strong story to tell and a God given initiative to present with Matthew 25:40 on their minds.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  

They told the story, prayed and dreamed of a plan for their own people.  Josué César, our on-site Pastor and staff came together to partner with Marie and decided to address the needs of these elderly people.  Since 2019, we have been able to help 20 of these elderly people in the communities of Bernacco and Caille-Epin in the Central Plateau of Haiti.  


So, partnered with the International Disaster Emergency Services and KORE Foundation donors like you, here is what you empowered our team in Haiti to do: 


FOOD : The community receives a hot meal at the KORE campus every other week.  Many of the individuals walk for miles to attend.  One man leaves at 2am just to arrive at 3pm at the campus to receive food and experience community. The group gathers to eat a meal of rice, beans, fish, and chicken.  Showers are available to them.  They each leave with a Food Kit of rice, beans, oil, eggs, and poultry to take home and nourish them until the next gathering.  The program has also worked with the elders to plant beans and corn to provide nutrition in a more sustainable way.


HOUSING : With a grant provided by IDES, we were able to improve the living conditions for 20 individuals.  Initially, we planned to replace the roofing to provide protection from rain.  However, some houses were so unstable,  the team decided to rebuild their homes from the ground up!  Extreme Home Makeover!  


BEDS : Previously, these elders were sleeping on the ground covered in dirty rags. So our team, built beds and with the grant from IDES we were able to buy mattresses for each of them.  For some,  this was the first time they had ever slept in a bed!   


EVANGELISM : During each gathering at the campus,  the staff is providing Bible studies and worship.  All of the KORE staff comes together with our guests to fellowship. The community laughs, cries, and shares stories with one another.  Our pastor, Josue,  teaches, disciples, and shares the Gospel.  Some are hearing about Jesus for the first time.  We have had four elders come to Christ  through this program!   How beautiful it is for them to find Christ here?!

So what’s next?

That’s where you get involved!  We are expanding this program to you! Become a Champion by setting up a monthly gift yourself and or your church to Hope for the Elderly. Connect us to your church missions team!  We would love the opportunity to share the exciting mission going on in Haiti! You will be added to a Facebook Group where you can read stories and receive live updates of the elderly communities. 


This community has 80 people in it.  Our goal is to assist the 60 individuals that remain!  

Will you join us in this movement to care for our Elders?!?!