Hope For the Future: HFUMC Mission Trip

wives.pngIn January 2016, a group of eight men from the Pathfinder Sunday School class in Hendersonville, TN headed to Haiti for a guy’s trip. The experience of the group ranged from a few who had traveled to Haiti and Africa on mission trips before to a few who had not previously been out of the United States. With various levels of experience and expectation, they embarked on an adventure that they knew God would use touch others and shape them in some way. 

The purpose of this experience was to participate in the construction of new coops, visit some of the kids in KORE’s 6.25 Feeding Program, and visit Nalia, whose coop they funded through their fall event. While they were away, the wives and kids of this mission team gathered for fellowship and prayer for their favorite missionaries while they were traveling.

The KORE Foundation’s mission, sustainable solutions to extreme poverty, means that we do mission trips a little different than many other organizations. Our goal with each trip is to empower Haitians with opportunities and resources to change their country from the inside out. While well-intentioned, mission efforts that give away a lot of goods and services undercut hardworking Haitians who are trying to make a living. 

On a KORE trip, you will have the opportunity to work hard, and you may come home with blisters on your hands, but you will also meet Haitians that have been empowered with the dignity that comes with having a job and the ability to provide for their family. 

Join us on a KORE trip and in our efforts to give Haitians in extreme poverty a hope for their future!