Twice As Strong

Kattie Maxime lives up in the mountains of Haiti, surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque mountains.  The view is breathtaking, but the reality takes your breath away in a completely different way.  


She’s a single mom of four.  Pregnant with her fifth. The oldest no more than 10.  Kattie’s husband left “to go find work” when she got pregnant.  He never came back. Sadly this is not uncommon for women in this country.  Kattie was left to care for her children, her in-laws (one of whom is disabled), and her parents.  


Kattie is a strong mother.  She’s worked hard to provide by planting gardens and selling her vegetables at the market.  Making an average of one dollar per day, it is hard to provide. School is not free in Haiti and as much as it breaks a mother’s heart, she could only afford for one of the girls to go to school.  Can you imagine choosing? The other girls were tasked with going to neighbors to ask for food since they would go weeks without eating. Many times being sent away and scolded for doing so.  


In February of 2019, Kattie was empowered to become a KORE Farmer!  She was educated and trained on how to run a successful egg business.  Everyday she is visited by a KORE Field Agent to ensure her birds are healthy and her business is running smoothly.  She is able to ask questions, learn about how to manage her money, and receive love and support from KORE’s Pastor, Josue.  


Kattie is TWICE AS STRONG as she once was.  Within months of starting her business, she was able to send her girls to school AND pay for a tutor to catch them up for time lost.  She is able to feed her family and herself! Kattie says this job not only gives her hope, but it gives her real change! Her dignity is restored.  And in her words, “I want to have this job forever!” 


This mother’s day, you can give your mom the best gift ever!  Give to KORE’s MOTHER : TWICE AS STRONG campaign and you can buy eggs from moms like Kattie and empower them!  Not only will you be restoring her dignity, but the eggs you buy will go to feed kids in schools in Haiti!