KORE's Farmers Are Proud of Success


Teranie Hyppolite


Teranie Hyppolite and her family are a delight. Madam Teranie is the primary farmer, her family helps her. She has completely repaid her loan, and with her profits she sends her boys to school. Her boys each fetch and carry 10 gallons of water for the chickens every day (that’s two trips each). Both of her boys enjoy helping and dream of being engineers when they finish school.

Our Prayer
May You, God of HOPE, fill Teranie and her family with all joy and peace as they trust in You so that they may overflow with HOPE, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Rom 15:13

Philemon Dieubon


Philemon Dieubon and family are only in their second cycle of chickens. The first cycle was difficult and frustrating, as many of the chickens got sick. He loves his new business and his 7 children help carry water for the chickens each day.

Our Prayer
Remind Philemon and his family that you know the plans you have for them - Plans to prosper them and not to harm them, plans to give them HOPE and a future. Cause them to turn to you for wisdom and guidance in all things, and listen to their prayers. Jer 29:11-12

Cinous Yeleta


While she likes the work, Cinous spent a great deal of time in discussion with Robinson and Josue about the discouraging difficulties she has been facing recently with her cycles. She was very proud to share that despite her hardships recently, she ALWAYS PAYS ON TIME! Her grandchildren are a joy to play with.

Our Prayer
Lord, Do immeasurably more in the life of this family than all we can ask or imagine. Display your power in their life and let all that they do bring glory to you. Ephesians 3:20-21

Robert Luma


Robert Luma is in his sixth cycle of chickens, and you can see his pride in the work. “When it is very hot it is the hardest part of the job. I’m moving the chicken’s water up to 10 times a day.” Josue and Robinson have spent some time troubleshooting a few of the difficulties he has faced recently and encouraging him to persevere. He was proud to show us the new water pipe his son put in close to the coop, to ease the workload of fetching water for the chickens.

Our Prayer
Place a hedge of protection around Robert and all that he has, so that nothing can harm him and so that he will not be drawn to anything that is not from you. Bless the work of his hands, so that he will prosper in all that he does. Job 1:10