Chicken Provides Hope in Haiti

Whoa! Wait!  A Chicken = Hope?



Yes, you read that right. Chicken = HOPE in Haiti for thousands of people who are in some way touched by the work KORE is doing there.

YOU MAY KNOW… That jobs in Haiti are scarce, and many go hungry every day.

YOU MAY KNOW… That KORE helps impoverished individuals start a chicken business

But, DID YOU KNOW…. That $6.25 buys chicken for a hungry child for a month AND helps a farmer with their chicken business?

Put very simply, The 6.25 Project feeds hungry kids and empowers impoverished Haitian farmers.

What is 6.25?


Partnering with Haitian orphanages and schools, KORE Foundation’s 6.25 Feeding Program meets the immediate needs of malnourished children by adding animal protein (chicken!) to their diets. This is a complimentary program for our Farmers as we purchase their chicken to feed to hungry kids, providing the HOPE for Today in the form of a full belly, and HOPE for Eternity through the love of Christ extended in a tangible way. It boosts a farmers business, and children receive much-needed nutrients in their diet.

$6.25 = Food for a Hungry Child = Support for a Farmer’s Business

Your investment has a double impact!!!

Why chicken?

Haitian diets consist of predominantly plant based foods like rice & beans.  Research has shown that children fed diets containing animal protein show improved physical growth and cognitive function.  With two-thirds of the children in Haiti being malnourished, the need for relief is real.

Chicken Helps Grow Healthy Kids. Healthy Kids Become Productive Adults.

How can you help?

For $6.25, you can provide chicken to a child three times a week for a month! $25 a month feeds 4 kids! KORE provides chicken to kids at approximately 30 orphanages and schools, with dozens more on the waiting list.

Please help us feed more kids and help more farmers through a consistent, monthly donation! 

Could you become a monthly donor? It’s easy on your budget and can make a huge impact! Please consider giving here today.

If you would like more information about the program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.