Sustainable Solutions to Extreme Poverty


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Not A

Hand Out,

But A 

Way Out.

There is a time for relief. But, what happens next?

An earthquake devastates an impoverished nation and millions of dollars of aid pour in as the world responds to crisis. A hungry orphan is given a free meal by a generous organization. But what happens when these donations are exhausted? What happens when that child wakes up hungry again the next day? Could there be a way to eradicate world poverty and hunger?  KORE Foundation believes there is.

Not a hand out, but a way out.

We create sustainable solutions to extreme poverty in Haiti, focusing on the steps “beyond relief” for the greatest impact.  With a holistic approach, we are addressing the spiritual, physical and economic needs of the extreme poor.


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  The problems of poverty and food scarcity are well documented.  Identifying and implementing sustainable solutions to these problems is crucial.  Our purpose is to provide opportunities for Haitian people to overcome poverty and become self-sustaining. 

While there is a time for relief – an immediate response to emergency situations, such as a family on the brink of starvation – sustainable development focuses on providing resources that are not depleted over time. KORE implements programs that empower people rather than create dependency, equipping communities to change their own futures.   We focus on addressing immediate needs AND empowering future generations with the ultimate goal of breaking the cycle of extreme poverty.

Unlike relief dollars that are given, spent and must be replenished, dollars invested in economic development, or “business as ministry”, never stop working.

 Partner With Us 

KORE Foundation has incredible partners committed to this sustainable Christian response to poverty. KORE seeks to partner with mission organizations, churches and individuals interested in this sustainable solution to extreme poverty. To get involved contact us at [email protected]

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Hatching Hope is a fresh approach to missions, focusing on sustainable solutions to extreme poverty.  Together we will go Beyond Relief and have a lasting impact on the spiritual, physical, and economic needs of impoverished brothers and sisters in Haiti.  Visit to find out how you can bring Hope to Haiti!

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This past year, we have expanded the Small Holder Poultry Project in the Central Plateau of Haiti.  Working with W. K. Kellogg Foundation and other partners, 50 new farmers will be up and running in the next couple of months.  35 are currently in production and doing great with their new business!  15 more are on their way to having their own sustainable business.

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This month 20 new farmers in Caberet and Fond Parisian have started their new chicken coop business!  Thank you to partners Haiti Christian Mission, Len Clevenger, The Missions Network & Reggie Hundley!


Our Team in Haiti

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